Wednesday, February 11, 2004

what's on right now/ i like rodrigo

What's on . . . . right now?

What's On your 'Valentines Day Wish List' Right Now?

I guess since a date is already implied, dinner at a nice place would be good. I'm also a sucker for flowers and jewelry even though it may sound cliche. What I'd really like this year is a massage at a nice and quiet place where there are no kids allowed (I love my babies, but silence is rare now at my house). Then I'd like to take a long nap for as long as I wanted.

I like Rodrigo

After the kiddies went to sleep last night I took a bath. It was pretty late when I came out and walked into our bedroom to find Rodrigo awake in bed and staring at the wall. The weirdest conversation followed. . . .
me: "What's wrong?"
him: "Nothing. Just thinking."
me: "What are you thinking about?"
him: "Howard Dean."
me: "Howard Dean?!?! You mean you lay awake in bed to think about Howard Dean?"
him: "No, silly. It just happened." (laughs)
me: "What about him?"
him: "He went crazy."
me: "I know."
both: "Poor guy."

We then went on to imitate Dean's speech after the Iowa caucus. I'll spare you the rest since we got into politics, but what I was thinking about today is how much I enjoy any conversation that Rodrigo and I have. We can be talking about the simplest thing but always somehow manage to turn it into a comedy routine. Granted, most of the time it is really corny comedy, but funny nonetheless. I'll give you an example. This Sunday I was making sandwiches and I asked him if he was wanted his bread toasted. He said yes so I raised a glass and started saying, "To the bread. . . ." get it? A toast? Yes, I know we're silly but we have a blast everyday. I guess since we share the same stupid sense of humor, we end up liking the same things. We like the same dumb movies and shows like The Family Guy. Anyway, I have to get back to finishing up on my Valentine's Day gifts but I wanted to write about how awesome it feels to live with someone who is not only responsible and a great father but also my best friend and favorite companion. Good night.

feeling: i like Rodrigo
watching: Conan O'Brien
what I should be doing instead of blogging: working on gifts

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