Tuesday, February 10, 2004

tuesday memes/ brianna's homework

Tuesday Twosome

Love is in the air...

1. Valentine's night: Alone or have a date?
- a date

2. Candy or flowers?
- flowers. Definitely

3. Valentine's Day: Romantic day or stupid commercial day to sell Roses at insane prices?
-romantic day

4. Would you stay with someone who you no longer want to be with just so you have a date on Valentine's Day or break up?
-no. I wouldn't be able to enjoy the day with someone I don't like

5. What is your best Valentine's Day memory?
What is your worst Valentine's Day memory?
-best: last year driving around for hours looking for someplace to have dinner since Rodrigo made no reservations. I laughed soooo much while we were driving.
-worst: freshmen year in high school having no boyfriend while everyone else was walking around with balloons and flowers.

Tuesday is Chooseday

Would you rather:

Eat broken glass OR eat razor blades?
-broken glass

Be packed into an elevator with 6 very large sum wrestlers OR with 6 guys who just got out of a sauna?
-six sumo wrestlers hopefully clean

When talking, speak with a lisp OR sound like Elmer Fudd?
-talk with a lisp

Find out you were adopted and your real parents have died OR find out you were adopted and your real parents are in prison for murder?
-adopted and parents have died

Brianna's homework

Last Wednesday, Brianna was given a homework assignment. Here are the instructions: "Dear Parents, The project for the month of February consists of making a Valentine's bag for their cards. We are providing a paper bag and two pieces of construction paper. If you want to add more detail to the bag, you are more than welcome to add anything else you have around the house. The project is due on Tuesday Feb. 10, 2004." Here is what I understood by reading that: "Dear Parents, The project for February consists of making the most intricate and impressive Valentine's Day bag ever. If you love your child, you will go all out. We are providing you with a plain, brown sandwich bag and dare you to make a masterpiece out of it. We are also sending you two sheets of paper that you will have no use for. Aren't you now glad that you always buy too many things at the craft store and so have a lot of things to work with. Remember that your children are only 4 and 5 years old and they will naturally only be able to help out a little bit. This is a project that will reflect only on you when all the other parents get to see the bags on display. Good luck!" I had been thinking about what to make but couldn't come up with anything. I was just not inspired. I had like crafter's block or something. Seriously, I didn't even feel like blogging from the stress of trying to think of something spectacular. Then their teacher sent home a letter saying that Friday they will be celebrating "Friendship Day" and not to forget their Valentine's Day cards. I kept thinking about friendship and I remembered how my friends and I would cut doll shapes that would fold out and it looked like a bunch of little dolls holding hands. I figured I should do the same onto the bag. I have about a million felt squares, so I cut out 10 girls and 12 boys (the same as in Brianna's class). The actual bag was green for grass, blue for the sky, a sun, a white picket fence, a heart in the sky with Brianna's name, and I glued cardstock which I folded into an accordion to the sides of the bag. I glued a little doll onto each fold. It came out cute but took forever. Rodrigo was making fun of me saying how I always complicate a homework assignment for a five year old and turn it into an adult craft project. I didn't realize it was true until last night when I was tired of all those little felt squares. After I opened it up, they wouldn't stay standing, so I glued a lollipop stick behind four of the dolls and put a little foam square as a stand. It worked and I won't go crazy on the next project. Yeah, right. That's the same thing I said for Halloween. They gave us a construction paper pumpkin and we were to make our child's favorite storybook character out of it (meaning the face). Well, I used white paint, gold spray paint, gold trim, glitter, ribbon, and countless hours turning the pumpkin into Cinderella's carriage with a window and door that would open to reveal Cinderella. At about the middle of doing that, I was wishing I had a fairy godmother to help me out. Anyway, the homework is done and Brianna turned it in today to rave reviews. Whew.

feeling: creative
listening to: Silverchair (Ana's Song)
what I should be doing instead of blogging: picking up the big mess of craft supplies

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