Thursday, April 01, 2004

april fool's day

Thanks to Isabella I had a good April Fool's joke to play on my friends. I went into that graffiti page and sent my friends an email saying that someone had spray painted my name and phone number on a bridge. Yeah, a few of them were like "good one, how'd you do it?" But the few of them that were genuinely freaked out and worried about who could've done something like that made it worth it.
My mom called me this morning. She has two dogs Twinkie (poodle) and Pinky (chihuahua). She told me that Twinkie had bitten Pinky in the neck last night and he bled too much and didnt make it. She went on to tell me that they didn't know what to tell Brianna. I was sooooo worried because Brianna loves that dog. My mind was going 1000 miles per hour and I was thinking "should I make this a lesson about death and tell Brianna that Pinky went to doggie heaven? Should I just try to protect her?" I ended up asking my mom to please get rid of the dog and tell Brianna that it ran away.
Brianna then got the phone and said "April Fools, momma." ARGH! I was mad at my mom. She said that she couldn't believe I fell for it since I'm always the one playing jokes. I told her because her joke wasn't funny but I have to admit that she got me anyway.
Did you play a joke on anyone? Did anyone play one on you?

I just got an email from my friend Bonnie. She is one of the ones who fell for it and passed the joke onto her friends using her info. Here are the some of the responses from her friends.

I got so scared that I called you Mom at work (she
wasn't there but I left a message) I was on the phone
with Mandy and she told me about the e-mail. She was
really worried. You got us good. (if I have a heart
attack today it's your fault) haha.

Who did this and where did you get the picture? Do you know what bridge and where the bridge is at??

-my god bonnie....are you for real or is this just an April fool joke. ????????????

I hope she talks to her mom soon because they don't live in the same city and I'm sure her mom is now worried. This is way too fun!

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