Sunday, April 11, 2004

eggs in the mud

It's still raining here! It's still cold! ARGH! Brianna wasn't able to wear the Easter outfit that I had planned for her to wear and we had an indoor Easter celebration. The kids were desperate to go outside, but it rained consistently throughout the day, so they were stuck inside. I had saved about a million eggshells and I asked, "What? Are we going to hide eggs in the mud?" For some reason everyone thought that was really funny. We were at my mom's house and considered hiding them throughout the house but then thought of the mess of confetti we'd leave on the carpet. We decided to save them for May 2 when we will be having a surprise party for my brother (he doesn't read this). The kids loved the baskets I made for them, I mean, that the Easter bunny brought them. Rodrigo and I were picking at the jellybeans while I was making the baskets. I bought the starburst kind and they were good! Usually the kids are the only ones who get goodies for Easter but this year, I unexpectedly received a tea kettle with two serving trays and a pair of Burbury print shoes. Yes, the Easter bunny loved me this year. I've been eating all weekend and once again the food was good. My dad grilled steaks and we had deviled eggs, pasta salad, regular salad, charro beans, potato salad, and I took carrotcake and coffee. Yum. The only bad thing about today is that I am in fact getting sick. I feel horribly achy and have a headache. I'm trying to fight it but I don't think I'll be able to for much longer. I'm going to take yet another bath.

I hope you all had a good Easter!

feeling: sick
listening to: Prince (Musicology)
what I should be doing instead of blogging: taking medicine

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