Thursday, December 30, 2004

holiday run-around

I think we're all still in the middle of the holiday run-around. Things don't really settle down until after the new year. My Christmas was good. Lots of visiting and visits. It snowed here on the 23rd! Brianna was very excited. We took pictures that night because I knew it would probably be gone by morning.

I love how the snowflakes look huge. Rodrigo thought one of them was the moon. On Christmas Eve morning, she woke up really early and ready to build a snowman. There really wasn't that much snow gathered, so she settled for making castles. Christmas Eve and Christmas day I ate, talked, opened presents, and ate some more. Yum. I can understand how people gain weight at this time. All I did was eat and sit around talking to my friends and family.
I got some great gifts this year! Mainly fron Rodrigo. He gave me pearls! I *LOVE* them and finally get to have my own. He gave me a silver bracelet with little diamonds, a pearl bracelet with little diamonds and a pearl necklace. I LOVE them all. My parents gave me a watch and a tea set that I wanted. Other gifts were another watch, some candle holders and votives, sunflower framed art for my kitchen, a pampering set with lotion, nail supplies and lip gloss, a porcelain trinket box, a planner, some lotto tickets (I won $2), an eye mask and back massager, a hand sewn Santa with my name on it, and lots of homemade goodies like cookies and fudge.
Brianna received lots of gifts but has played the most with a Monopoly Jr. that Rodrigo and I gave her. We spent all weekend playing but it has become quite a traumatic game. She had to pay almost all her money once and she ran away crying. We explained how you can't always win and in Monopoly sometimes you pay all your money then you get some more. She came back. I had to step away with Alec for a while and Rodrigo followed. We came back and caught Brianna "borrowing" money from the bank. She said she was just looking at it but put it back.
Yesterday was Brianna's sixth birthday! I can't believe how quickly these six years have gone by. My parents, brother, and grandma came over for coffee and cake. Here is a picture of Brianna surprised at the trick candles relighting.

I love this time of year. I love how you can spend time with family at home just hanging out, talking, having coffee. I feels so much better to do this when its cold outside. Something about being warm and cozy indoors with good company really makes me happy.
Anyway, I hope you all have had just as comfortable a time as I have and hope you're all enjoying this time before we get back to "normal" next week! Take care.

feeling: still in the holiday mood
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what I should be doing instead of blogging: picking up toys

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