Wednesday, December 22, 2004

bad customer service

I had a bad customer service experience tonight. Of all places, it was at Target and I love going there. Here's what happened. . .
I bought a scooter for Brianna because that was at the top of her Christmas list but it turns out that my dad had also bought one for her. He bought it first, so I told him that I'd exchange it for something else. Now, Rodrigo keeps EVERY SINGLE RECEIPT HE'S EVER GIVEN but for some reason we could not find that one. To top it off, it was like one of the only times this year that we paid cash. I went to Target knowing that since I didn't have my receipt, I'd only get store credit. So I'm there in line for customer service and I tell the girl my situation. She tells me that I can pick out something else that can't be less than what I paid, it has to be at that moment and from the same department. Ok. Fair enough. She used a condescending tone, but ok. So, I tell her that I'm going to the toy department and I'd be back and she tells me, "That's not where you got this from". Excuse me? She didn't ask me if I got it there, she just said that I didn't. I told her that we got it from toys, that it was the only box there and even told her where it had been. Then she said, "No, you got it from Sporting Goods and you need to get something from there." At this point all I felt was heat rising up my body and my face turn red. If I were a cartoon, this is the point where steam would be coming out of my ears and a whistle would be blowing in the background. I explained once again but not as nicely that it was in toys and she said that it was probably in the wrong location. I told her that wasn't my fault and she pretty much shrugged like saying "Too bad". Ugh. I had no use for any sporting goods right now because I knew what I wanted instead and it was in toys. I asked to speak to a manager and without even pausing the girl said, "He's busy". I felt so angry I knew I was about to cry. I am not one of those scene people that start yelling and carrying on. When I get really angry, I cry. So I told her to just give it back because I just really wanted to get out of there. She shrugged, just gave it back, and asked to help the next customer. Seriously, I could've slapped her. I left and called the manager who wasn't all that busy. I told her what had happened and she apologized and told me to go back in and I could exchange it for something in toys.
I didn't go back. Rodrigo went back and was as calm and persuasive as he always is. He got them to look through their tape for the day that we bought it, gave them the approximate time. They found the upc number or whatever on their records, printed out a new receipt and gave us the money back. "Out of principal" is what Rodrigo says. We're not buying the gift there.
What upset me is that they acted so rude and patronizing. There's soooooo many people like that. They think they're so much smarter than you because they know their routine. And I understand its busy and hectic and they can get frustrated. News flash, its like that everywhere right now. My first job was at Target during Christmas and yes, it sucked but I wasn't rude to people. Plus, we go to Target all the time. We go for something like diapers and end up buying things we don't really need. It might not mean a lot to lose one customer but to potentially lose a customer who spends about $100 everytime they shop over the price of a scooter doesn't make sense. Plus, I was going to buy something there anyway. And you know when you feel you've received bad service somewhere you tell EVERYONE you know, "Don't go to ____ because . . . . ." Oh well.

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