Wednesday, February 23, 2005

hello again

Ok, I'm ready to post again. I tend to get in a negative attitude whenever something bad happens. This is not a good trait since I don't know anyone who has a perfect life all the time. I was thinking about what a crappy year this has started out as and I realized that I'm missing out on positive things. I felt really uninspired and each time I sat to post I didn't know what to write about.
We went through a breast cancer scare with my mom. Late last year she went to get her annual and was told that there was a something showing up but no lumps could be felt. She went through various tests and a biopsy then had to wait a long time for results. She didn't tell me what was going on for a while. Of course we were all worried and it turned out to be just denser tissue. She still has to go get checked every six months now to keep an eye, though.

Another thing that was playing on my nerves was Brianna's school. I wasn't happy with it for a while. Everyday I'd ask Brianna what she did in school and everyday she would tell me they saw a movie. Mostly Disney movies that are over an hour long. I started getting upset because I'm sending her to school to learn not to watch movies. Every time I saw her teacher, she would tell me how Brianna was the best reader in class but the books that Brianna was reading were the same ones she was reading last year. The principal also really bothered me. Imagine speaking to a person that has the worst grammar, always sounds really dismissive and acts like they don't care about anything. Now imagine this is your child's school principal. If I started writing all the things that were bothering me about the school, we'd be here all day. From no adult supervision during recess (in which Brianna got a black eye) to ALL the students receiving "U's" (for unsatisfactory) on their report cards. On their REPORT CARDS because they talked too much that day). I was frustrated for days and about to explode for any little thing. I finally did. The final straw was when I asked if I could take cupcakes after the holidays to celebrate Brianna's birthday and I was told that it is now state law that no food can be taken by a parent unless all the other parents consent and sign that it is ok with them. Huh? State law? What a lie! Every other school in this city does it. I couldn't believe they were lying right to my face. I had the hardest time trying to switch her over to another school. Her first school wouldn't let me have copies of report cards, attendance records, and made me request everything days in advance when all they had to do was print it out. I had to go to the district offices and explain my situation from no after-school program to no parental involvement and was finally granted a transfer. I am SOOOOOOO happy now with this school. Apparently, the state law doesn't apply to this school because parents take turns daily to send snacks and drinks for the kids. There's parental involvement, I actually get a school lunch menu, they have school monitors and volunteers and most of all Brianna likes it. At the last school she was at the point where she was crying every morning because she didn't want to go to school. This Friday I'll be helping at their movie night and Brianna is really looking forward to watching "Shark Tale" with her friends. I want to apologize to and thank my co-workers for allowing (or better yet, putting up with) all my daily complaints and phone calls to and from the school. They got all the details everyday and agreed that the school is in very bad shape. I was changing Alec one morning and thinking about how everything was sucking and Rodrigo said "Isn't this year starting off really well?". My first reaction was to get mad, I thought no, this year sucks, there's been a bunch of crap in a short period of time and what's so good about it. He started listing good things that have been happening and I instantly felt guilty. I'd been missing out by focusing on the negative. I felt I needed an attitude adjustment. I went and cut my hair really short (which always makes me feel better), started cleaning up and started blogging again. I feel new, like refreshed or something. Like I no longer have something weighing on me. I feel like I can do anything right now. I promise to not stay away this long again. Welcome back.

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