Wednesday, March 02, 2005


I've been wearing my Livestrong wristband for a while now and I've recently noticed that EVERYBODY is wearing one. This was the subject for a local radio station's morning show. I got to work that day and was telling my co-worker about it. She told me that she'd even seen the wristbands at a gas station. I couldn't believe it. I had just seen a story on the news that said that a local school had prohibited students from wearing this wristbands because it disrupted the classrooms. What? Why are so many kids wearing cancer awarness bands? Anyway, I ended up seeing some at the gas station and they stand for "Girl Power". I also saw some at a drug store. They were called "Dream Bands" and are in a variety of colors. Pink is for dream, lilac for hope, and so on. There are also some other bands that stand for "low carb lifestyle" and other things. I was shocked. Lance Armstrong started off with such a good idea and a worthwhile cause and now all these people are selling them just to make a profit. Kids are just wearing them to see who can collect more colors. Then the other day at work, I was helping some lady explaining some stuff to her. I got the feeling that she wasn't listening to me and then all of a sudden she asks me, "Are those the sex bracelets?". Huh? I tried to explain to her what it meant and who Lance Armstrong is but she kept talking about some article about kids wearing different colored bracelets where each color represents a different sexual act and if someone pulls that color off, they have to perform that act. Those are the thinner "jelly" bracelets like the ones Madonna used to wear in the 80's. I tried telling her that but I think she don't think she believed me. Great. Now some lady thinks I'm some kind of perv who had all the other colors snapped off. I like my wristband and what it stands for but I am seriously considering not wearing it anymore. Oh well. . . . . .

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