Wednesday, April 20, 2005


If you're really religious and especially a devout Catholic you should really stop reading now. Seriously.

Rodrigo and I are going to hell. Yesterday I was sitting in the living room watching t.v. and Rodrigo walked in.

Rodrigo: What are you watching?
Me: Vatican Idol
Rodrigo: What? Vatican Idol?
Me: Yeah, they're about to announce the new pope.
Rodrigo: Oh (then he heads to the computer)
Me: Aren't you interested in this?
Rodrigo: Not really.
Me: This is history in the making.
Rodrigo: Well, I'm not Catholic and since when are you so religious?
Me: I'm not. I'm just really obsessed with any sort of reality tv.
(The bells started tolling)
Me: Come on, they're going to say who won.
Rodrigo: Who won? It's not a game, you know. (but comes to the couch with me anyway)
Me: You know what I mean.
Rodrigo: How do they pick the pope anyway?
Me: I don't know.
Rodrigo: Aren't you Catholic?
Me: It's some sort of secret ceremony. No one really knows. I wish they would say it though because I'm imagining all sorts of "rose ceremonies" or "boardrooms" or something like Survivor Pope where they turn off his incense urn thing and vote him off. "The conclave has spoken.....".
Rodrigo: (after laughing at me) You watch way too much tv.
Me: Apparently. They should do some sort of reality show where they follow the Pope around and film his life. (I meant this not as a joke but so that young people could get more into religion. I meant well).
Rodrigo: Yeah, and call it what, My Big Fat Obnoxious Pope?
Me: -gasp-
Both: Bwa ha ha ha

Yes, we're horrible people. I hope I didn't offend you all too much. I started telling him how my grandmother had gone to see the Pope John Paul in Denver when I was little and she brought me back a visor. You know what came next. . .Rodrigo asked, "Did it read "My Grandma went to see the Pope and all I got was this lousy visor"?" I didn't laugh at that one. Ok, not too much. Later at work I was telling my friend Lizette about this conversation and we were both laughing. She knows I don't mean disrespect but we were really just kidding around. What I didn't know was that a fellow co-worker who is kind of a devout Catholic was listening. Oops. I turned around and told her I was sorry. She replied with: That. Was. Not. Funny. Oopsie.

Completely off the subject,
-I have a day off today!
-On the way home from dropping off Brianna at school, I saw an owl on top of a shop and there was a bird standing on his head. Really. I had to do a double take but sure enough, there was owl (which is odd enough to see on it's own) with a bird on top. Hmm. Really odd. Note to self: must get new prescription for glasses.
-I got my air conditioning hooked up today. Yay! Yes, it is warm enough here to be able to use the air conditioner. (highs in the 80's) Plus, I figured I should do it now since I doubt we'll be using the heater anymore and last year I waited until it was really hot and the heating/cooling man was completely booked for more than a week.
-Last but not least, a huge thanks to Vanessa! I ordered some super cute flower pins from her and along with them she sent me a whole bunch of goodies! I wore a black suit with a pink blouse and this pin to work and got lots of compliments. Thanks for all the gifts and thanks for making my banking attire looks less, well, bank-like.
Anyway, Alec is taking a nap and I should be doing some tidying up.

feeling: really good
listening to: Garbage (Why do You Love me)
what I should be doing istead of blogging: sweeping

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