Monday, April 25, 2005


One of my co-worker's daughters was, I wouldn't say chubby, but definately bigger than me. Then all of a sudden I saw her and she looked amazingly fit. I asked my co-worker what her daughter had done and the answer was, "she just stopped eating chips". Wow. My friend Lizette and I were talking about how much weight we could potentially lose if we only stopped eating chips (while sharing a bag of chips). There's always a bunch of cookies, doughnuts and candies at work but I don't have a hard time not eating those. Whenever there's a bag of chips, though, man, we finish that up right away. One Saturday we ate two bags of chips and one bag of popcorn. Really. It doesn't help that my two closest buddies at work suffer from the same addiction. I can eat one of those 99 cent bags of chips for lunch. Sometimes I've even had them for breakfast. Ugh. it sounds so bad but it's true. My lunch of choice chips and a soda. Anyway, we came to the conclusion that the reason we like chips so much is because we like to crunch on stuff. So, we're going to try to keep veggies to snack on since they're just as crunchy. I love fruits and vegetables and I guess if they're around I'll eat those instead. I think we could potentially lose some weight given how we don't eat A LOT of food just really bad food. I don't keep sodas at home because I'll be the only one that drinks them and I'm going to try to not buy a Coke at work. I'll barely be starting today so I'll keep you posted since I have absolutely no will power. I've never been one that is into diets. In fact, I've never really been on a diet in my life. For a while there, I'd go work out with a friend but then we'd go out to eat afterwards. I think I look ok, so I've never worried too much. The things that are sort of motivating me are that reunion party that I wrote about not too long ago and the fact that I weighed myself and I'm weighing more now than when I went into LABOR with Brianna. ARGH! Granted I wasn't very big, but still. Anyway, today is my first chip-free day and I hope I can get through the whole day (hopefully many, many days) this way. My name is Yvett and I am a chip-oholic.

feeling: motivated
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