Monday, May 02, 2005

four day weekend

I had an unexpected four day weekend and I'm loving being at home! I didn't find out that I'd be off four days in a row until the very last minute, though, or else I'd have made plans for some sort of getaway. Besides, Rodrigo had already made plans to work on some 55 million page report that he has to submit on Wednesday. Saturday we all went out for breakfast and then took the kids to the zoo. Brianna acted like she's been there so much and could be a guide. She was reading out all the animals' names and describing what they do (she was part of a tour about a month ago). Alec was really surprised at actually seeing the animals "in person". He kept saying bye- bye to all the animals and was calling then by the sound they make. It was pretty cute. Later on at night, Brianna and I went to Wal-Mart quickly to pick up a couple of stuff. I hate going to Wal-Mart, but I was looking for bottled frappucinno, a video cassette cleaner, and some baby food. There's really no other place that carries all these things since Target was already closed. On the way home, Brianna (who is six years old, by the way) told me that she needed to stop by Starbucks (she calls it the mermaid place). This struck me a little odd, but she had said this once before. We walked in and she picked out a Plum Delicious tazo tea and a flower shaped cookie. I think I may be going to Starbucks too much since now my six-year-old is requesting to go.
Yesterday I decided to give Rodrigo some peace and quiet so that he could work on his report so the kids and I went over to my mom's. My little nephew was there, and combined they have sooooooo many toys. All three of them were playing outside on their little bikes and scooters and really got along all day. My dad grilled some burgers and hot dogs then took the kids for ice-cream. It was a really pleasant day over at my parent's. I hadn't just hung out there in quite a while. We got home and Rodrigo and I watched The Family Guy. We're very big fans and were both disappointed when it was cancelled. I was a bit worried that they'd tone it down some now that they're back on but after last night's episode. I think everything is the same. I still gasped at some of the things they do on there. I wonder how many complaints they receive per episode. I still have two days off left and plan on being super productive. Oh, who am I kidding. I slept late today and haven't really done anything yet. Have a good day, all!

feeling: lazy
listening to: Juanes (Camisa Negra)
what I should be doing instead of blogging: cleaning house

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