Tuesday, May 10, 2005


After having the same cell phone number for many years and the same phone for a few years, yesterday we finally switched. We hardly use the cell phones anyway and so Rodrigo and I finally got a plan where we have shared minutes and can call free to each others' cell (and others, of course). That makes sense since we practically only call each other. We used to talk on the phone sooooooo much and now it's only like "Where are you?", "Do you need anything?", "How are the kids?". We tried to get our old numbers switched over but couldn't. Suck.
Anyway, with these new phones there is hardly any selection for ringtones which means that you are practically forced to buy one/some. I was looking through the website and found a few that I like but here's the thing. . . Aren't those music ringtones really annoying? I hate when someone's cell phone rings and it's some cheesy song. Even if it's a song I like, I hate it. Ugh and if it's some song like "Big Pimping" or "Drop it Like it's Hot" I practically want to grab the phone and fling it across the room. The only time I think it's mildly amusing is if it's some really silly song. Then you know the person is not trying to make a statement but just being silly. Like when you hear someone playing "Eye of the Tiger" or something. That's funny.
So, I was looking through these songs and I like these:
Vertigo- U2
Shake the Disease & World in my Eyes- Depeche Mode
Drive- Incubus
and several from The Cure, Coldplay, Audioslave and Pearl Jam
All of these will make me look like a huge poser, though. I'm trying to imagine myself in a crowded place and how I'd feel if my phone rang with one of these. Or what I'd think if someone else's phone rang. Hmm. So, I'm looking through some silly ringtones. I kind of like "Rock Lobster". There's also the "Meow Mix" jingle, "The Pink Panther" and "Peter Gunn". I wish I could find that "Mahna Mahna" song from the muppets. I know there are lots of sites that would probably carry it but if I do get a ringtone I will ONLY get it from my carrier's page. I get enough spam on my computer and have no intentions of also getting it on my phone. I guess I'll just keep looking for hours previewing each one and then end up buying nothing. There's nothing I do better than waste time. Bye for now!

feeling: confused
listening to: System of a Down (B.Y.O.B.)
what I should be doing instead of blogging: picking a ringtone already

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