Friday, May 27, 2005

road trip

We decided to take a road trip this Memorial day weekend. I'm hoping it works out but all the places we've narrowed it down to has rain in the forecast practically the whole weekend. We can't decide on Albuquerque, Santa Fe or Phoenix. I'm partial to Phoenix because I used to live there and miss it tremendously. Plus, I've never been there with Rodrigo or the kids. Well, Brianna just as a baby. I think it'd be kind of nice to take them to my old hang outs. Well, some of my old hang outs. I'm looking through Phoenix's online newspaper to see what's going on this weekend and I found video of Kathy. She and her husband are pretty well known (ok, famous) over there. I practically hyperventilated when I saw that she had my page as one of her links!
But I digress. . . .
So, if we do go, I'll be sure to take pictures. If not, I still have things to do around here. One of my bank clients has been a ballet teacher for over 40 years and yesterday she took me some tickets for the recital this weekend. She's the sweetest lady ever. I hope I have that poise and posture at her age. Come to think of it, I don't have it now at 28. :(
There's also something that's been keeping up busy lately. I'm not supposed to be excited about it yet (but I am tremendously excited) until we know that it is a for sure thing. I'll keep you all in suspence for a while until I know I can share. Oh, and it's not a baby. I'd have told you all about that the second I found out.
Anyway, I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend. Have fun, reflect on our fallen heroes and be safe.

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