Wednesday, May 25, 2005

argh, kids!

If my children hadn't been mine today and I was just some babysitter, I'd think long and hard about ever having any children of my own. They were horrible. Just absolute nightmares. Brianna wasn't as bad as Alec but together they were the perfect recipe for a headache. It was Brianna's last day of school and the parents were invited to attend the class party. I thought it would be a good idea to take Alec because I was on crack. He wanted to be right with the kids so when one of the little kids in the class would stand up, Alec would run to take the seat and grab whatever was on the table. I became the ridiculous mom running around after the uncontrollable baby that screams when he doesn't get his way. The teacher was pretty unaffected by all the commotion since she is, afterall, a kindergarten teacher. I'll spare you the rest of the details since they are long and boring.
Later that evening, Rodrigo was also on crack and thought we should take Brianna out to dinner to celebrate her last day of school, good grades, and various awards. (Yes, let me boast a little) We went to one of our favorite places and were seated in a place they had sectioned off as a "family section". Because if you have children, you automatically love all children. Right away I spotted this tremendously annoying girl that frequents the bank, She was with her husband who's even more annoying than her. The whole time we were there, he was talking so loudly about themselves and turning their relationship into some sort of newlyweds episode. He was yelling about how he'd lost her in an airport once. Anyway, he spoke so loud he woke his baby. So now we were next to a crying baby and they came over to our table to rock him. Yes, right next to our table. They were right behind Alec who was already being bad and so now he was trying to grab the baby and paying no attention to us. Then, some lady from another table came over to rock her crying kid right next to that girl. RIGHT NEXT TO OUR TABLE. I mean, if we tried to get up, we wouldn't have been able to. They started chatting and went into a full conversation right there. How annoying. Meanwhile, annoying guy is over screaming into his cellphone. Ugh. When we finally got home, the commotion continued with the kids running around screaming and playing with each other, jumping on the bed, chasing each other, you name it. I couldn't wait for them to go to bed. Then right before I put them in bed, they came and snuggled up to me smelling good like baby lotion and start giving me kisses. I'm a sucker.

feeling: exhausted
watching: Conan O'Brien
what I should be doing instead of blogging: sleeping

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Maribara said...

They were not as bad as my kids when we went over to my new friend's house. By kids, I also am including my husband. We were at our friends house for about 6 hours, so you can imagine how bored my kids were (our friends don't have any kids). My husband and her husband left us at the home and my 5 year old pee'd outside in her porch! I couldn't believe that. My 2 year old wrote all over her wall with a permanent marker and the baby was crying for no reason, while my kid husband was out enjoying his time with his friend. I wanted to kill all of them! I was so embarrassed. I could have used some crack at the time.