Monday, June 13, 2005

contract pending!

Friday evening we were told that our offer had been accepted! The only thing was that the seller was "giving his word". We know how that goes, so we weren't convinced until this morning when he actually signed the papers and faxed them over. We're really in the process now. This morning, I've been calling around to compare home inspectors as far as prices and to make sure that they inspect all the things we're requiring. Another spreadsheet.
The awesome thing is that I have this whole week off. I'm going to spend my vacation a little differently than what I had expected but I'm glad I'll get things done. I'm going to start boxing up stuff that we don't use. I figure this way I won't be doing everything in a hurry.
Anyway, let me tell you about my weekend. We went to Juarez this Saturday to my aunt's house. I'm kicking myself for not taking my camera but I thought we were just going to hang out at her house. We got to her house and she had a whole buffet style breakfast ready for us. It was DELICIOUS! We had stuff like chilaquiles, chicharrones, and food for me (because I don't eat spicy) like potatoes, beans, and juice. After breakfast we headed over to the university where my cousin attends. There was a showing of all sorts of cool courses that they offer there. Each class had their own display. There were things like cake decorating, cullinary arts, jewelry making, flower arranging, gelatin "art", and all sorts of other displays that I wouldn't know how to translate. Repujado? I don't know how to say that in English. Anyway, I fell in love with some of the stuff they had to offer. I only wish I could take some of those classes here. My aunt bought me some jewelry and I was really happy! (She loves me).
After that my aunt told us about this place where we could take the kids to play. It's called "Moyland". I've been looking like crazy for a website to show you but had no luck. When you walk in, it is an arcade, but behind it is a section for little kids. It was amazing! Here is some of the things that were there. . .
-Rides and bumper carts, of course. Along with a little mechanical bull.
-A mini grocery store complete with little kid cashiers, play money, kid size shopping carts, aisles of real groceries and a frozen section. Brianna really liked going in there to "shop".
-A mini hospital. The kids walk in and put on surgical masks and srubs then take care of dolls. There are all sorts of medical instruments, a gurnie, crutches, and a little girl receptionist. Very cute.
-A mini dairy. Here kids put on a white coat and milk a cow. The cow is not real but they really do milk it. After that they learn about the whole process from pasteurizing to actually getting the milk to the stores.
-A tiny house. It had a kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, and laundry room. Each room was complete with mini furniture and appliances. The kids were in there for a long time "cooking, setting the table, doing laundry" and in the end my nephew had to sweep. Ha, ha. He looked funny.
-A little Domino's pizza. You pay separately for this, but kids get to go in there, put on a uniform, make their own pizza, then the people that work there put it in the oven for them.
-A place where you get to make your own candy. You go through a process adding ingredients then get to keep the candy you make.
-A little school. This section was sponsored by Montessori and had various musical instruments, puzzles, various craft tables, crayons, and a giant abacus.
-A room where you can play lazer tag but we didn't go in there.
-Last but not least, the place where we spent the most time, a padded section with spongy, foamy toys, blocks, slides, and rocking horses. The kids take off their shoes and go crazy in there. Alec was in there for more than an hour while I took Brianna "shopping" and "riding motorcycles".
I loved that place but obviously not as much as the kids did. There is also a little radio station in there. There's a Wendy's, a Krispy Kreme, and an ice cream place. A whole section just has tables and benches and it can also be used to have birthday parties. There is a room towards the back which had all the pinatas and there is a sectioned off space where the kids hit them. I'd really consider having a party there except for that fact that it is in Juarez and I know a lot of people don't like to drive over.
Anyway, I've taken an awful long time typing this epic post and I have many more phone calls to make. It was a nice break, though. I'm not going to proof read this (as if I ever do) so forgive any errors. Have a great day.

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