Tuesday, June 14, 2005

thief yvett

I stole some weenies. You might call them franks or hot dogs, but whatever you call them, I stole some. I didn't mean to and I feel like a thief. I went to the store for just a few things so I paid at the self check-out line. I scanned the weenies and the computer beeped like it had registered. Then I scanned a loaf of bread, the computer beeped but once I placed the bread in the bagging area, I got an "Unexpected item" message. I checked the screen and saw that I had already scanned the bread. I kept getting the message and I kind of laughed at how much smarter I was than the computer and removed the bread. I made sure that the cashier in charge noticed that I'd scanned the bread. I finished scanning items, paid, and left. I was already next to my car when I noticed that the weenies were not listed on the receipt. ARGH! I thought about going back in but imagined the cashier man thinking I had stolen a whole bunch of stuff and was going in to "seem honest" and throw them off. (Yes, my mind works this way). So instead, I did nothing. I left. I got home and told Rodrigo and he kind of laughed at me and told me I shouldn't worry. I'm only glad it's something I don't eat otherwise my throat would close up and I'd probably choke. Anyway, there, I confess. I am a common thief. :(

feeling: embarrassed
listening to: Nine Inch Nails (Only)
what I should be doing instead of blogging: sorting toys to give away

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