Wednesday, June 22, 2005

happy birthday, the musical

I've been in stitches for the past few days whenever Rodrigo mentions this. Last week it was one of his co-worker's birthdays and there was a cake and a little office celebration. Just like any other office. I'm sure you've had those. Anyway, when he got home he was telling me that a couple of his co-workers go all out when singing "Happy Birthday". I couldn't stop laughing. He says they try really hard and was sort of imitating them. One guy supposedly tries to sing it opera style in a really deep voice. A girl tries to sing in a sexy voice Marilyn Monroe style. I thought about the places I've worked at and laughed even more because yes, there always was a person who tried to out-sing everyone. I know this is probably really corny, but I just find it hilarious. I told Rodrigo (or "Rod" as he's known at work) to never invite me to his office if it's someones birthday because I'm just going to laugh. Now I'm worried because at the bank the next birthday is going to be mine. How am I going to not laugh when they're singing to me? Maybe they'll just think I'm really happy. Plus, they're used to me laughing all the time anyway. Oh well, I'm heading there now. Have a good day!

feeling: amused
watching: Dora the Explorer
what I should be doing instead of blogging: getting Alec's diaper bag ready

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