Tuesday, June 21, 2005


I've been feeling a little sluggish lately. Well very sluggish lately. Even when I get enough sleep, I always seem to feel tired. I know that I really need to change my diet. Chips and a coke being my breakfast, lunch, and dinner of choice. I also know that I really should do some sort of exercise once again. When I exercised regularly, I always had a lot of energy. I just don't seem to ever find the time. With the house, the kids, and working I just feel so exhausted each night. Plus, I'm having a really hard time getting up each morning. I've been looking into taking some sort of vitamin but I'm feeling overwhelmed. Other than taking "Flintstones" as a kid, I've never taken any other. Everything I read and everyone I ask seems to have a different opinion. People have told me that I should take iron or to take prenatal vitamins because of the benefits. I've read that vitamin B is really good and I'm also thinking about calcium. So, here's my question. . . Any recommendations? I mean, do you take any that are working for you? Or not taking vitamins but doing something else? Most everyone I know has a busy lifestyle, so, how do you keep from feeling tired all the time? If you do take a vitamin, is there anything that you absolutely look for? Let me know.

On a different note, happy first day of summer! I changed the template to try to match the season better. Plus, I absolutely LOVE sunflowers. Hope you like it. Here we're supposed to be "cooler" today at only 98 degrees. Ugh.

feeling: hot
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what I should be doing instead of blogging: packing toys

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