Wednesday, June 29, 2005

my week so far

Busy reading through lots of information like this.

I feel like I'm prying, but I love reading these.

I'm loving the clothes in this catalog. I wish I had lots of money and could buy myself one of practically each!

If you want to enter this sweepstakes, tomorrow is the last day.

Oops! I guess he got his own groove back. I never saw the first movie or read the book, but I'd read/watch the sequel.

I was discussing this blog entry from Monday. I'd LOVE for people to remove their shoes when entering my house. I always do as soon as I walk in. Unfortunately, due to cultural differences, it seems most my family would be practically offended. My grandma flat out said that she wouldn't go to my house. So much for that. Here in El Paso, I've NEVER been to a house where we are asked to take our shoes off. I'd never heard of that until I went to California. Maybe if I ask nicely. . . .

I have to agree with this label.

Rodrigo's little sister got her first published article! It's in several newspapers and news channels across the country including here. Congratulations!

Have a good day!

feeling: BUSY!
watching: The Doodlebops (someone please shoot me)
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