Thursday, July 21, 2005

company party

Our company party is later today. I'm still not sure if I'm going. When we were first told about it everyone was pretty excited. Every other year they were held here and were supposed to have been really fun. Well, this year the "party" is being held in our downtown branch. Plus, it is FOR EMPLOYEES ONLY. That's right. We can't take a guest. Upon hearing that most of us said forget it. I mean, there's going to be dinner, drinks and music BUT we have to be there with our boss. We can hardly stand being with the guy while at work. Ok, there's going to be music which means dancing. So, I don't know who we're supposed to dance with. Each other? In my branch there are 10 women who work there and 3 men. I guess we'll have to make a circle around the guys. Rodrigo was making fun and telling me that we could all just line up against the wall. Girls on one side and boys on the other until one brave boy crosses over and asks one of us to dance. Junior high style. Anyway, we'd pretty much dismissed the party until we found out that some really important guy is coming into town to give a speech and we are all expected to be there. We all apparently turned into street thugs and are expected to "represent, yo". That is to say, the bosses want all of us to show up and show the other branches how we're all pro-company and "team players".
I'd agreed to show up at least for dinner. I thought of what a nice break this would be and how my co-workers and I could finally be out in "regular" clothes for once. Then we received a call from the cool girl boss (not the guy I mentioned above). She told us she wanted all of us to wear black pants and a blue top. Ok, still doable. I have some back capris and a blue sleeveless top that I'd wear with some open-toe shoes. None of which I'm allowed to wear to work. Then we got another call. It was changed to a red top. Even better. I have a cute red top with black print. We were planning what to wear when one of the managers asked if we were kidding. She informed us that the dress was business casual. No jeans, no capris, no open toe shoes, no sleeveless tops.
WHAT?! What kind of party is this? No guests and we're not able to wear what we want. At this rate, I'd rather buy my own dinner. It turns out that is really a meeting that had always been disguised as a party. Since it was always at a restaurant before, it was never taken seriously. My only question is "Are we getting paid for this"? Seriously if I go the only way I'd be able to stand this is if I take a shot everytime the speaker says "valuable" or "great". As bad as all this sounds, I still feel bad if I don't go. Does that make sense? I don't know after all this frustration with the house I could sure use a drink. I'll keep you all posted.

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