Saturday, July 23, 2005

party recap

I ended up going to the meeting/party. I was going to be the only one who wasn't going, so . . . . .you know how that goes. I had a blast! Really. Very surprising. My friend Lizette and I weren't really excited about going but felt obligated. Our plan was "We have dinner and leave"! We even picked the table closest to the door in order to make a quick undetected exit. We got there and our cool boss (we have boring boss and cool boss) was in charge of giving out the drink tickets. Everyone was to get three tickets. She made it so our branch ended up with six tickets each. (One drink per ticket. Non-alcoholic or otherwise.) Plus, whenever we needed refills, she'd go get them for us and let us keep our tickets. Well, our table drank a lot. Not me in particular (I only had 2 margaritas. Ok, four, geesh) since I have lost all tolerance, but as a whole. The dinner was good and much to our surprise the boring boss was turning into lush boss. The awards were given out, speeches made and the music started. Boring-turned-lush boss was one of the first ones up there. One of the ladies that works with us got up too and he was yelling, "That's right. She's the disco queen!" Hilarious! Lizette, our other friend Alfonso, and I couldn't leave once that sort of entertainment started. Boring boss is just so uptight and kind of fake that it was so incredible to see him act the way he was acting. He kinds of reminds me as Steve Carell's character in The Office. Only not funny. Here he was dancing with everyone, telling us this was a par-tee, actually speaking to us about something other than business. I swear, he should start off everyday by taking a few drinks. He's much more likeable that way. He wasn't the only entertaining one either. Everywhere we looked people were letting loose and acting like we were at some sort of club where anyone could act as silly as they wanted. It was so funny because at work, Lizette, Alfonso, Liz (who couldn't show up due to a chicken pox scare) and me are always talking and being silly. Here we were the only ones who weren't dancing and being all rowdy. We were sort of in shock. Cool boss and boring boss don't exactly get along really well and they ended up dancing together. I absolutely took a picture. I don't know whether to frame it, make mugs, make mousepads, or maybe even stamps for our branchs' Christmas cards. One of our other co-workers who ended up dancing by herself at the table no less told her ride to go ahead without her. She said "Yvett will take me home". I didn't get it at first then thought, "Oh, that's me! Uh, sure, I'll take you home. It's the least I can do since I've been laughing at your expense for the last hour or so". When she finally got tired of dancing we all left. I worked today. Had a headache. I'll never drink again. :P
After work, we took the kids to watch March of the Penguins. I loved, loved, loved it! Yes, I was crying in a few scenes. If you're wondering if it's suitable for kids, that's also a yes. When we left it was past their lunchtime so we stopped by here. I really like that the kids love the butter noodles and they'll actually eat all their food. Both of them. All of it. I can't say that about many other places. I've had their Santa Fe pasta, Pad Thai noodles, and the Cappelini Primavera and really liked all of them. The kids like the food, I like the food, it's inexpensive and walking distance from our soon to be ex-home. Well, I have to go put the kids in bed now. Have a good night.

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what I should be doing instead of blogging: putting the kids in bed

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