Friday, July 08, 2005


My grandma has an old lady friend and they talk on the phone every day. They talk about their high blood pressure, arthritis and all their other aches and pains. I think it's cute. Anyway, this lady told my grandma that she started taking some pills that have really helped her arthritis. They're from Mexico and called "Milagrosas" which means "miraculous". My grandma has been wanting to try some for a while.
My parents went to Juarez yesterday and my grandma asked them to bring her some of those miraculous pills. My mom was shopping around for something and my dad went to the pharmacist and asked for "Pastillas Milagrosas" (miraculous pills). The pharmacist gave my dad the pills and he paid. My mom came back and took a look at the pills and immediately wanted to know why he'd bought that. My dad told her that my grandma had asked for that for arthritis. My mom said that she was getting mad and asking why my grandma wanted that for arthritis. She wanted to know how that was going to help. My dad didn't understand and finally took a look at the pills and discovered they were Viagara! He explained to my mom about how he had asked for "miraculous pills" and the pharmacist gave him those. When she told me about this all I could do was, "Bwah, ha, ha!" I'm sooooo glad I wasn't there because I'd have fallen down laughing. My dad took them back, explained, and the pharmacist also had a good laugh. My poor dad. We were laughing at him so much. Oh, and apparently you don't need a prescription to buy Viagara in Mexico. Why am I not surprised?

feeling: I laughed too much today
listening to: Fiona Apple (Across the Universe)
what I should be doing instead of blogging: sleeping, I guess

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