Monday, September 12, 2005

the "ouse-may" is gone!

That mouse is finally gone! FINALLY! You can not imagine the discomfort that I've been living with since I found out about that rodent. The first day that we found out about it, Rodrigo was being really compasionate and so we bought some of those friendly traps. That night I had nightmares. I was dreaming that the mouse had gotten halfway into the little box then it closed down on him and trapped him with half his body still outside. Then he started flopping around trying to free himself. Keep in mind that in my dream the mouse was a giant rat and so this flopping was really exaggerated and noisy. In my dream it came flopping around up the stairs and was headed to Alec's room. Rodrigo and I tried stopping it at the top of the stairs but all I could do was jump around screaming trying not to get hit by the mouse. Ugh. After that I was dreaming that Rodrigo had set the traps in a corner in a really high cabinet. I was upset because there was no way the mouse could ever even get there. Whew, I'm glad I'll be able to rest now.
We tried peanut butter, crackers, cheese but nothing seemed to work. After three days, we went and bought the "real" mousetraps. Yes, I know that this sounds cruel but I kept worrying about toxins that might make the kids sick. I like my kids more than I like a mouse. Anytime. I made the mistake of telling my grandma about the situation and she freaked me out more. She was telling me that when a mouse finds a place it's comfortable in, it'll bring a mate and they'll make a little nest and have like a million babies. UGH! For a while there I even worried about the plague. Yes, the bubonic plague. This is how paranoid I was. I never saw the mouse myself but I'm mortified to say that a friend we had over saw it and claimed it was cute. HOW EMBARRASSING!
Rodrigo would check the traps every morning and Sunday morning it was there. The lucky mouse got caught in the mouse friendly trap. He lucked out because I was ready to cover the floor with glue paper the next day. I made a point to tell Rodrigo to drive him at least 3 miles away because I've heard that they can smell their way back. He drove him 14 miles away and set him free. Rodrigo was describing the mouse's "liberation" in an animated way trying to make him sound cute. Nothing persuaded me. I was disgusted. He said he thought about taking it to a pet store but was afraid that it would get fed to snakes. I said he deserved it. We didn't tell the kids about it at all. Especially Brianna. Rodrigo and I kept referring to it as the "ouse-may". In my case, it was more like "upid-stay ouse-may". Anyway, I am feeling so relieved and not afraid to come downstairs at night anymore.

feeling: Relieved!
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