Wednesday, September 14, 2005

crazy co-worker

I work with a crazy lady. C-R-A-Z-Y! If you were to talk to her, by all accounts, you'd think she was just a normal woman. I thought so when I first met her. It wasn't until having known her for a while that I'm convinced. You see, she thinks everyone that sees her and/or talks to her immediately falls in love with her. Well, all men at least. I first I thought she was playing around. You know how we mess around saying that we're so beautiful that men can't help but fall in love, but she is absolutely serious. What's worse is that I am completely amused by it. She isn't an ugly looking lady but she also isn't hot. She's average. One day she was late getting to work and it turned out that she had been pulled over for cutting across a parking lot. Well, all day she was saying that the policeman had her address and how he was probably going to show up at her house and they would date. She went so far as to say that if they got married, she's have a funny story to tell their grandchildren about how they met. At our company party early this summer, she was dancing with our manager. Then everyone sort of formed a little circle and one person would go to the middle at a time. After that everyone was sort of dancing together and she ended up with another manager. Well, she was convinced that they both wanted to fight over her. She asks us if we think it's true and since we're evil we answer, "Yes! I saw! He was ALL looking at you!" (evil laugh)
I haven't messed with her lately because I still remember my friend Liz telling me "Don't mess with the crazy woman's head". She still hasn't changed, though. We get a lot of clients who show up and take us little treats, lollipops, candies, and whatnot. We know they do it to be nice but in her case they do it because they want her. Yes, the old men who go to the bank every single day and take us candy go just to see her and talk to her. A guy that shows up from another branch to talk to someone or pick something up is there to take her out to dinner. A guy who won movie passes just wanted them in order to take her. Seriously, she's said all these things. Yesterday I had a day-long torture, I mean, training. I was together with people from various branches. One girl asked me how "crazy lady" was doing. I told her fine and she asked me how she and one of our banker guys were doing. What? (This guy is about half her age and has a BEAUTIFUL girlfriend that he lives with ) The girl told me that the crazy lady had told her that banker guy along with every other man that works with us were totally in love with her. I was amazed.
So, is this like a mental condition? Does she just have really high self esteem? I don't understand it.

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