Wednesday, November 09, 2005


I've been seeing lots of those "How well do you know me" quizzes popping up all over the place lately. I went into a few of the sites where you can create your own and the one thing that I noticed that they all had in common were all the pop-ups and ads. I figured that if I made one and everyone had to sign in with their email address to take it, I'd be making all my buddies get some lovely spam. Not nice. Ever the narcissist, I want to know about me and how well you guys know me. So, I made my own. Play along in the comments or email me at helloyvettyatgmaildotcom.

1. I share my last name with a city in Spain. What is it?
a. Madrid
b. Burgos
c. Sevilla
d. Barcelona

2. How many siblings do I have?
a. none
b. one sister
c. One brother
d. A brother and a sister

3. My children's names are . .
a. Brianna and Alec
b. Brianna and Alex
c. Brenda and Alex
d. Brenna and Alec

4. How old am I?
a. 28
b. 30
c. 31
d. 29

5. A chore I HATE is . . .
a. washing dishes
b. folding laundry
c. putting away utensils
d. vacuuming

6. My major in college was. . .
a. psychiatry
b. philosophy
c. accounting
d. English literature

7. My favorite kind of food is. . .
a. Chinese
b. Italian
c. American
d. Mexican

8. I have worked as a flight attendant and a credit specialist

9. I am fluent in Spanish and Portuguese

10. What car do I drive?
a. Honda Accord
b. Honda Civic
C. VW Beetle
d. VW Passat

11. My ideal vacation would be in
a. England
b. Italy
c. Hawaii
d. India

12. My favorite band is
a. Coldplay
b. Incubus
c. U2
d. Depeche Mode

13. I am terrified of . . .
a. vampires
b. aliens
c. ghosts
d. werewolves

14. My favorite color is
a. green
b. baby blue
c. pink
d. brown

15. I got my blog name from
a. a childhood nickname
b. my daughter made it up
c. a Hello Kitty sticker
d. another website

All done! I'll post the answers tomorrow.

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