Friday, January 13, 2006

dancing with the stars

Ok, I admit it, I like watching Dancing With the Stars. There. Now you know. So far, I'm going for Drew Lachey. I really hope he wins. I like that wrestler Stacey too but I think Drew has learned the dances a whole lot better. Stacey looks really nice. She is very graceful and looks beautiful with those LONG legs but I have yet to see any sort of footwork. I couldn't care less about Gizelle Fernandez or Tatum O'Neal. Tia Carrere and Lisa Rinna are ok. I don't think they'll win, though. I sort of feel bad for George Hamilton. He seems to be trying so hard but his injuries make it difficult for him. Jerry Rice is flat out entertaining. He looks like he's having fun. As for Master P. Ugh. Why are people voting for this guy? Seriously. I have heard comments that he's trying. Really? I thought he looked like he'd rather be anywhere else. I don't even know why he's on the show. I can't imagine going into a competition with no intention of winning. Besides, this is a DANCE competition. He can't dance. If he wins I'm going to be very upset. That said, I'm going to watch the results on DVR now and hope that he was voted out. Good night.

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