Thursday, January 12, 2006

generational soap

I lady I work with has worked there for about a million years. Earlier she was telling me about how it was when she first started there. Apparently, everyone used to date around there. She said "It used to be like Peyton Place around here". At this point I imagine that I just had a blank stare because she went on to explain.

her: You know, that soap
me: uh, not really
her: well, everyone used to get together with each other (notice she didn't say "hook-up")
me: Oh! Like Melrose Place?!
her: sure, I guess
young guy that was listening in: What the hell is Melrose Place?
me: oh, it was like The O.C. or Laguna Beach or whatever you kids are watching these days.
older co-worker and me both just start laughing at this point

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