Thursday, January 19, 2006

soooooooooo busy

Now that kids are back into the swing of things at school again, they're not wasting any time. I've been busy with Brianna and all her school projects. Although she is barely a 1st grader, they do so many things. Apart from my own job and after-hours meetings that last way longer than expected, I've been doing 1st grade homework. I think she's still at an age that most of the project homework is just homework for the parents. Plus, Brianna's school celebrates EVERYTHING. This week we've been busy working on her "100 day stew" ingredients (because the school is having a "100th day of School" celebration), her science project which is due next week, treats and lots of pictures of dogs for the Chinese New Year Carnival, and looking for an outfit for Rodeo Day. Besides her regular homework and studying for the spelling test, she had to make a wheel with the different animals and the years they represent for the Chinese years and some red decorations for the carnival.
I really don't know what to make for her classmates as a treat for Chinese New Year. I was thinking of making something with red felt, a little felt dog and writing "Happy Bingxu" and putting some candy. Most all the other parents are taking fortune cookies. Any ideas are welcome and appreciated. I heard some moms are taking their daughters dressed in kimono. I wanted to tell them that kimono are Japanese, but I kept my mouth shut. :P
I also don't want to spend too much time on the carnival because I'm more concerned about the Science Fair. Her classroom is required to complete a project and report. It is up to us whether we want it judged or not. I figure she might as well.
I have to look up some more experiments that are easy enough for her to explain and demonstrate on her own.
You know, when I was in 1st grade, my homework was to cut a spider out of construction paper. Ah, memories.

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