Monday, January 23, 2006

gifts, gifts!

My friend Diana absolutely loves me. How else can you explain these goodies she sent me? She just came back from a trip to Hong Kong and mainland China and I got the most fabulous gifts. Isn't it great when you have friends that like the same things you do? I mean, you can buy something you love and know they'll love it too. I remember years ago when Diana made us the cutest candy cane ornaments for Christmas. That was back when we were both super young and not yet mommies. That same year I gave her a goody basket and she loved it too. Anyway, back to the trip. When I received her package I couldn't wait to hear the scoop on the trip. She was there for two weeks for work! Isn't that neat? I wish I had a job like that. Apparently she's going to be going to China twice a year and maybe to Italy later on. Yeah, I think she needs a personal assistant or at least someone to carry her luggage. Ahem. So, here are the things I got. First of all, she brought me a darling Hello Kitty charm for my cell phone. Yes, I am Hello Kitty crazy and I think I'll be using the phone a whole lot more often.

Then I received my very own name stamp. Even the box is beautiful!

Aren't they gorgeous? I'm stamping everything! I feel like "Cowboy X" and even want to stamp people in the forehead (or their hat). So, when I read that her flight was more than 14 hours all I kept wondering was what she was reading. I want to ask her that but it seems like such a silly question. What I really want to know is about the food! Yum, real Chinese food. I'd be in heaven!

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