Monday, February 20, 2006

my jacket

That is the jacket that I was wearing yesterday for a while. I know its a guy in the picture, but that is the exact same jacket. We went to my mom's house for dinner and when they saw my jacket everyone was saying things. It sounded like "England? Boo! Why that team?" all talking at the same time. You'd think I was part of the British soccer team because my mom started telling me that England was not even going to be in the quarter finals and all sorts of other stuff. We'll see. My brother and his girlfriend were also bashing England. It's funny because we're not overall a sports talking family except for the World Cup. Anyway, I think the jacket is really cute and they should get used to seeing me in it. Besides, its not even official FIFA gear.
So, I'm thinking of starting a World Cup blog because none of you that come here are used to reading about any sort of sports on here. I never write about that. I get soccer crazy, and it is highly unusual from the way I normally am. Not that I turn into some hooligan, but I talk about soccer a lot. Last world cup, I kept a journal of all the teams, the matches, and winners. Pathetic. During the 1998 world cup, I was a flight attendant and was out a lot of the time. I missed a lot of matches live. So, let me show you this year's mascot and I'll try not to write anything soccer related for a while. Everyone, meet Goleo VI. . . .

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