Tuesday, February 21, 2006

rodrigo screws

We'd been having some problems with a furniture store. Towards the beginning of January, we placed an order for a loveseat and two stools. We were told it would be about 2 weeks since we were having them made. Less than two weeks passed and they called us to say that the items were ready. We went to get them and we were told no one knew who'd called us and there was nothing ready. So, I mentioned it to my co-workers and it turns out that other people have had trouble with orders from this same place. They took 5 months to get one of my friend's couches to him. Then we found out that Rodrigo's parents had waited 4 months for an order before finally cancelling. After this we were, of course, worried. We received about three more calls saying that our things were ready when they really weren't. Finally, Rodrigo told them to cancel the order and pretty much had to argue with the sales guy. We ended up not cancelling and getting free delivery. :P They delivered the items on Valentine's Day. The stools, though, were not assembled. When Rodrigo came home and was trying to assemble them, we noticed that there were no screws. We called them back the next day and had been getting the run-around for about a week. They were in the warehouse, no they weren't, yes they were, they were going to bring them to us, no they weren't, yes they were. We finally received a call today saying that they'd found them and we could go pick them up. I was in the area and went over to get them. I nearly laughed in the guy's face when he handed me an envelope that read "Rodrigo R. screws". Too funny. I called Rodrigo to let him know that word was getting around and he's going to end up with a bad rep. Here's the pic. Yes, I blurred out Rodrigo's last name. . .

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