Friday, March 31, 2006


So, we've been back for a few days. As soon as we got back we had to start working on a "rainforest costume" that Brianna had to make for class. That's out of the way and now both the kids have some stomach bug thing. I had to call in to work today and I'm at home with the kids. I don't know how many times I've been vomitted on within the last couple of days. Last night was the worst. So, today I'll be busy washing sheets, pajamas, towels and blankets as well as disinfecting this whole house. It smells like sick house in here. Well, somebody has to do it. Ugh.

feeling: I'd rather be at work :P
listening to: Jack Johnson (Upside Down)


foodiechickie said...

Oh boy. Hope the kids get better soon and you don't get sick. Good luck cleaning!

Nanette said...

How exactly do you make a rainforest costume?

And I'm listening to Jack Johnson right now too!

Yvett said...

Thanks, Ani. They seem better just don't want to eat anything. I don't mind as long as they stay hydrated.

Nanette, that's exactly what I said! We received a letter from the teacher telling is that we had to make rainforest costumes and I thought "huh?!?".
She sent us a giant bag and we out holes for the head and arms. The rest of the bag I spray painted green and we added leaves, monkeys, flowers, etc.
Yeah, everywhere I turn I keep hearing that Jack Johnson. I call it "Monkey song". I like it but I hope they don't play it out.

Leslie said...

Poor kidlets!

I just got barfed on too -- in the car!!!!

Hope everyone is on the mend soon!

Yvett said...

Thanks. Leslie. Isn't just like a mommy to get thrown up on and not be upset? :(

Jessica said...

Hope everyone feels better soon. I bought that CD a couple of weeks ago after seeing the video on Noggin.

Jesser said...

Gawd I hate being sick. Hope y'all feel better soon.

I haven't even heard the new JJ yet. I d/l it for my friend who just had a baby cuz she was getting sick of all the lullabye CDs that she had, but I still haven't gotten it on to my MP3 player or had a listen. I want life to be a bit slower. :)