Thursday, April 27, 2006

club supermarket

There are days when I don't have time to go to the store. Times when we run out of something like milk or bread and we go make a quick stop. It's easier and quicker for me to go by myself, so once the kids are in bed either Rodrigo or I will go. I've noticed something about these "later at night" trips to the supermarket. They play music that I used to hear at clubs. The first time I noticed this, they played Depeche Mode's Everything Counts. I found it odd. During the day this store plays normal supermarket music. Then I went again at night and I heard New Order's True Faith. What? Ever since I started paying attention to this, I've also heard Erasure, Duran Duran, Travis and 10,000 Maniacs at this store. What's more is that I see people around my age singing along. Too funny! This isn't supermarket music, is it? It's a good thing the Starbucks in the store is closed at that time. With coffee and good music, I might be in there much, much longer.

feeling: ready for today
listening to: Pearl Jam (Worldwide Suicide)


foodiechickie said...

That is pretty neat. I guess the night manager is around our ages and loved that music as well. Funny people our age don't go clubs that much or any longer and I guess this is the "Grown Up" alternative.

Jesser said...

That's interesting. I am getting up at 5 AM these days in order to make it to the gym b4 work, so I'm generally in bed by 9:30... sad.

I love going to supermarkets "after hours" though. It's so quiet.

wyn said...

Yeah, I can imagine the later shift employees just want to make the time pass faster. Can you imagine playing the cool stuff and having all the stressed-out daytime people queuing for ages even at the express line? They'd freak out. =P

Jodi said...

That's cool. I wish my 24-hour supermarket did that. I often stop by at odd hours, but generally hear crap music.

justJENN said...

WTF. Do I own this supermarket?