Friday, April 28, 2006

random thoughts

- this bothers me. Frankly, I find it sad and embarrassing.

- If this is true, I'll start watching everyday, or as long as it takes to watch Rosie and Star duke it out. I give it a week. :P

- I need a keychain. I want a pretty one. Any suggestions?

- There's a coffeehouse close to my house that I really like. I find it hilarious to hear Rodrigo order his drink. He says, "I want a short sugar daddy". Ha!

- We are having lunch catered from here at work today. Yum.

- I started adding my books to an online library. I can't remember which other books I have in a box somewhere. Oh, and I totally ripped off the library thing from Jen.

-someone came to my site using the tag "how to stop eating hot cheetos". They're at the WRONG place.

Have a good weekend!

feeling: I love coffee
listening to: Arctic Monkeys (A Certain Romance)


Lisanne said...

I like blog entries that are full of links! :) That coffeehouse sounds fantastic ... mmm!

foodiechickie said...


Oh man I think Rosie would duke it out with all of them. Joy has no patience, Star is a little loopy and Rosie being a democrat and Elizabeth being a republican you know its going to be tense. How could ABC replace a seaoned journalist like Meredith with a comical loudmouth like Rosie?

I like the keychains at Old Navy and Claire's if it helps. Good luck.

Jessica said...

I've used the online library site too. Now that I think of it I can't remember my password :)

Jodi said...

Fun post! I'm loving coffee and the Arctic Monkeys currently myself.

jill said...

Yvetty... I've not ever been to that coffeehouse during my visits to EP. I will have to try it next time. Not sure if we'll make it there this summer, but hopefully for sure in the fall. My cousin lives right near there too. Her kids all go to, hmmm, I'm drawing a blank on the name of elem. school, but it's that brand new one up above Hernado MS.

Your possible upcoming move sounds interesting. Good luck and I hope you all get what you want!!

wyn said...

I heard the announcement on the Emmy's. So looking forward to seeing her steal Star's thunder without having to wear a sleeveless dress EVERY SINGLE DAY. What's with that?!