Wednesday, June 28, 2006


- I love this pan. I want one.

- Hmm, she doesn't strike me as someone who just wants to be left alone by the media.

- I took this personality test yesterday. It's pretty funny.

-ARGH! They have a contest now? I don't have an office anymore.

- Too funny. I know a few people who could've used this though.

- I bought another one of her books last week. (check out "reading" on the horizontal navigation bar under the blog title). I only need one more.

- Oh, come on! Why do you put this up a whole year in advance. Now I can't wait and this isn't even the type of movie I anticipate. Wow, did you see Topher Grace?

- I tasted the tangerine one. There was no pomagranate. It tasted very watered down.

- We'll finally be able to shop here.

feeling: sleepy
listening to: Theory of a Deanman (Santa Monica)


Jesser said...

Wonder how much air-brushing brit-brit needed.

Yvett said...

Jess, probably lots.
What bothers me about the picture is her goofy smile. She somehow doesn't look "womanly" to me. You know, like Demi Moore when she posed pregnant. Brit looks like "oops, I'm pregnant and naked".

Jodi said...

Enjoy Trader Joe's! I love it!

Lisanne said...

I'm curious about Starbucks' new drinks. Both sound good. Sorry to hear that it tasted watered down, though! Yuck!