Sunday, June 04, 2006

vamos al mundial!

Oh, it's almost time! The World Cup begins this Friday and I can't wait! I've kept up with a few of the friendly matches but I'm really looking forward for the real games to start. Here are the current rankings. . .

1. Brazil
2. Czech Republic
3. Netherlands
4. Mexico
5. USA
6. Spain
7. Portugal
8. France
9. Argentina
10. England
11. Nigeria
12. Denmark
13. Italy
14. Turkey
15. Cameroon
16. Sweden
17. Egypt
18. Japan
19. Germany
20. Greece

I won't post the rest of the teams because truthfully, I don't care. (Sorry, American Samoa #205) England better get to work since they are going to win this time. :P I'll be watching them really closely especially a certain Mr. Beckham *insert wolf whistle here* Anyway, the action doesn't begin until Friday, but I'll post the first games now so you all can cancel plans if you must. Oh, wait! WE'RE GOING TO TUCSON THIS WEEKEND! ARGH!!!!!! -sigh- There's always DVR.

Germany vs. Costa Rica
Poland vs. Ecuador

England (yay!) vs. Paraguay (boo!)
Trinidad and Tobage vs. Sweden
Argentina vs. Côte d'Ivoire

Serbia and Montenegro vs. Netherlands
Mexico vs. Iran
Angola vs. Portugal

You have to check your local stations for times. Or if you don't want to watch, just keep reading here and I'll keep you posted on matches and winners.

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Jesser said...

When I was dating an English boy (who lived here...) I watched loads of the World Cup and really enjoyed it. Maybe I'll have to take a peek while it's going on.