Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Every now and then I get tired of the music I have on my iPod. Yesterday was one of those days. I had it on the "shuffle songs" setting and I kept skipping songs. Now, these are all songs I really like but for some reason I just wasn't in the mood to hear most of them.
I was talking about this at work and asked a co worker to name me five songs that he just could not live without. "If you could only listen to five songs for the rest of your life, which ones would they be?" He could only name one for sure: Kashmir, but I already have that. So, now I'm asking the same of you guys. Could you please suggest some songs? I really want to add some different things onto my iPod.
Oh, and you're reading this and don't comment, you are an absolute codfish and you'll have to live with that.

I don't know if you read a entry I posted yesterday, but I've deleted it. It was a link to pictures of Baby Shiloh, but they were removed for legal reasons. No one can post the pictures yet since People magazine paid $4 million for them and won't be released until tomorrow. I hated the fact that I only had a broken link. She is really beautiful, though and has THE lips.

feeling: I love coffee
listening to: The Sundays (Summertime)


foodiechickie said...

Gosh I don't know if I could be of help. I think we have similar songs on our IPODs. I haven't been listening to music for a while since I've been reading for reviews. I've been listening mostly to metal lately. Don't know if you like metal? I listen to everything.

Michelle said...

I know what you mean about getting sick of songs on your iPod. I like looking through the iTunes store for inspiration, at their essentials playlists. To answer your question, one song I never get sick of is "My Sharona".

Nanette said...

Don't know what you're into, but if you like blues/rock, check out Marc Broussard. He's AMAZING!

Jessica said...

I must be the last person on earth that doesn't have an IPOD!

Diana Hernandez said...

Umm......Sorry Yvett, I can't be of much help either. You've always had all the new music before me. lol.

Jesser said...

That's a major tuffie for me, but I'm a huge fan of Simon and Garfunkel. Dunno why ... suppose I was raised on them... I know one of their songs would be in there, probably Bookends or Homeward Bound.