Thursday, June 08, 2006

who knew?

Wow, who knew that the banker guy I work with and joke around with also has really good taste in music? By "good taste" I mean that I like it. I've been asking around for iPod suggestions and yesterday banker guy and I were talking about music. He asked me if I had any songs from The Cure and if I could make an MP3 for him. I said of course I have The Cure but told him I was surprised he liked them. I always figured him for a hip hop type of guy. Then he started talking about The Bravery and Bloc Party. I was completely shocked that he even knew about these bands. Absolutely stunned. I asked him for recommendations and he suggested that I listen to Pretty Girls Make Graves and Kill Me Tomorrow. Good deal because I wasn't familiar with either of them. I, in turn, introduced him to the Arctic Monkeys. Ooh, new music!

Also, who knew that pecan pie actually tasted good. Let me explain. I had never, ever, ever in my life tasted pecan pie. I always say that I don't like it but the truth is that I don't like the way it looks. I don't like the goo. You know, the egg and syrup part. Eww. As a kid, I convinced myself it was some sort of slime and just never tasted it. Rodrigo brought some home on Tuesday night. He and the kids were eating some and were saying it was good. Well, I had some yesterday morning with some coffee and I liked it. Of course I had to take the first bite with my eyes closed but after that I was ok. I've been missing out.

feeling: soccer anticipation
listening to: (Kill me Tomorrow) Skin's Getting Weird


foodiechickie said...

Wow I guess never judge a book by its cover is true and in two cases!

Lisanne said...

I really like your blog design ~ especially the banner at the top. Cool colors! I love chocolate-bourbon pecan pie! :)

jill said...

Ohhh, Pecan Pie. Funny how that is my absolute favorite food of all time. Could eat a whole one.