Wednesday, July 19, 2006

i dream of pigs

So far since we've lived here, I've seen a scary scorpion, two tiny scorpions, a spider the size of my hand, one just as big that ran away in the front yard, a little spider and a bug that I have no idea what it was. Everyone we've met here has told us about the types of bugs and animals that we're going to see. When we first came to the design center meeting, the man in charge of the wiring was telling us about scorpions, snakes, spiders and javalinas. I didn't hear the rest of what he was saying because right away I spaced out and started playing The Pixies' "Havalina" in my head. Someone else also told us about javalinas but I can't remember who that was.
Two nights ago there was a noise in our backyard. It was some bird but Rodrigo was telling me that it was a wild pig that had gotten into the yard. We were just laughing and left it at that. Yesterday when he came home, he told me that his boss was telling him and another new guy about the desert animals and he also mentioned javalinas. What, is there like pigs running wild all over the place? So, on and off for days I've had that Pixies song stuck in my head which keeps me thinking of pigs. Last night I was dreaming that I was looking for a bug that I'd seen. When I think of bugs I get heebie jeebies like if something is crawling on me. Well, I was feeling that behind my neck and brushed it off. Only I felt breathing on my hand and turned around to see a wild pig breathing on my neck. Then I woke up. Angry. Angry at the stupid pig, at all the people who've been telling me about pigs and at myself for making fun of the fact that there are pigs around here. Seriously, if I really see one now I don't know whether I'll freak out or laugh.

feeling: loving this breeze
listening to: The Muse (Time is Running Out)


Michelle said...

oooooh, bugs! have you seen many tarantulas? I remember from our family's Arizona trip seeing lots of those big hairy things.

Yvett said...

Sh*t, Michelle! Are you serious? The day I see one of those is the day I pack my bags and move. Wait a minute, I wonder if that giant one outside was a tarantula?


Nanette said...

Eeeeew, bugs!!!