Thursday, July 20, 2006

project runway

We didn't have Bravo for a while. It wasn't in the programming package we had and it really made no sense to pay extra for just one channel that only I watch. So, I'd never seen Project Runway. Don't get me wrong, though, I knew all about it. My mom is completely addicted to the show. More so in the second season. The first season I just remember her telling me about Jay and Kara Saun. The second season she told me all about it. I knew all about whatever crazy thing Santino did or said, all about Chloe's life and struggles and not much about Daniel other than the fact that my mom wanted him to win. She still talks about the dresses made out of leaves or flowers or something.
So, the kids and I moved to Tucson this past Wednesday and my mom came along with us to help us get settled before Rodrigo moved as well. We were going to drive over Wednesday night but I had a meeting at noon, so we were forced to drive early in the morning. My mom was having a fit about not being able to watch the Project Runway premiere. The day our furniture arrived, my mom was helping me arrange Alec's room and finally watching the show (which will be shown a million more times). She yelled at me to go in and I thought something was wrong. She said, "Quickly! If you had to make a dress out of things found in the house, what would you use"? Naturally, I said my clothes. Then she went on to explain about the challenge. I caught the show the next time it aired and loved it. Now I've been looking forward to the new episode. I'm about to watch it in a few minutes since I missed it last night, so don't tell me anything just yet. Could it be that I'm hooked on a show with just one time that I've seen it? It's just soooooo good.

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Jesser said...

OMG!! Blogger's comment things are pissing me off. Keeps not wanting to show that image of letters I have to type! Yeesh. Anyhow.

I LOVE project runway too. It is such a great show ... and I'm not into fashion AT ALL. But I love that!! I think it's easier for us to judge them too than say like a cooking show where we can't taste the food they make ... you can totally SEE the designs. I don't know who I want to win so far ... maybe that gay guy from OK ... he's cool.

Yvett said...

Ugh, I know. Yesterday I couldn't comment on any blogger sites.

Yeah, I know who that guy is. I kind of like that architect lady and that guy that laughs like Dr. Evil. He seems really arrogant. I hope neither of these was kicked off yet.

Yvett said...

Oh no! They kicked off Dr. Evil. That Angela should've left. I think he's way more talented. Aww.