Friday, July 21, 2006


I've heard of rhubarb, of course. I've just never actually seen one. We have a rhubarb strawberry pie at home right now and it is delicious. The thing is that I was eating some and I saw a little piece of what I'm asuming is rhubarb and I won't eat it. What exactly is a rhubarb anyway? It's some sort of plant, right? I'm imagining something like a turnip. Only I looked it up and it looks more like "cebollitas". I'm sorry I can't remember the word in English. It's like an onion but not chives. Anyway, back to rhubarb, what else can be made with them? If I bite down on this thing is it going to be mushy, potato-y? I'm just taking those little pieces out of the pie and eating the rest. Ani, Jess and Jenn, you guys cook a lot. Have you ever used rhubarb?

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*update* I just remembered, "cebollitas" are scallions. Sorry. Sometimes I can't think in English.


Michelle said...

Rhubarb, from what I know, is a veggie. It's very very sour, which is why it's paired with the strawberries and sugar for the pie. The leaves are poisonous, however, but the plant itself is decorative. I've thought about planting it just for it's beauty, but I wouldn't want the dogs to eat it. But that's all I know - it's SOUR!

Jesser said...

Rhubarb looks like ... well sort of like celery, but it's not ribbed as far as I remember, it's smooth. and it looks like a nice sort of redwood color with some greenish undertones. Sounds weird. See the photo:
Anyhoo, my dad's dad use to grow it in his garden and my mom's mom loved the leaves so he'd pick her bouquets. Then she'd make pie ... with strawberries.

Lisanne said...

Yes, rhubarb leaves are poisonous! It looks like celery, really, but is a reddish color. Ohhh, rhubarb pie is one of my favorites! Mmm. Try a rhubarb crisp! Or rhubarb sauce. It's sour and even kind of bitter, so you have to add a lot of sugar. I always thought that it was a fruit. Rhubarb goes GREAT with strawberries, cherries, peaches, pretty much anything.

foodiechickie said...

I admit. I save posts. I have a rhubarb and strawberry one. It's a veggie but one of those veggies that is great with fruit. It's ok to eat if you see one sticking out of the pie. It's been sweetend and cooked. I also loooooooooove scallions. Great in plain cream cheese or in Tabouli.