Friday, July 28, 2006

wax tragedy continued

Whatever sh!t wax they used made me break out. I have a pretty bad rash. Typical. I should know better than to have anything put on my over-sensitive skin. I am sooooo mad at myself.

feeling: mad
listening to: i don't know what this song is


Michelle said...


that's not normal.

and did they wax your whole forehead?

*I feel for ya, hon*

Yvett said...

No, it's just that the rash spread. My skin is like that. I can't wear foundation, certain lotions and can only wash my face with glycerine. I can't even get a facial. I hadn't had rash this bad for a LONG time. I just had never had any wax or anything put on my face. I stay away from face masks or anything. I really regret it now.

Jesser said...

Oh shit! That sucks. I've had myriad rashes in my day, but never there. Weird!!! Wel I hope you can find something to make it better.

foodiechickie said...

Vitamin E should help if the bumps haven't gone down yet. Bastards!

Nanette said...

YIKES! My skin is too sensitive for waxing, so now I get threaded. Definitely recommend that.