Saturday, July 29, 2006

no a/c

The a/c in my car broke down. That bears repeating. . . the a/c in my car broke down. I live in Arizona. We took the car to the local Honda dealership to get fixed. They called us later on to let us know that the air conditioner needed a complete overhaul. In other words, they called to tell us that it would pretty much cost us our left eye, our first born and a bottle of blood to get it fixed. Rodrigo told them to hold off since for that price, we'd be better off just trading it in. I've been wanting a hybrid for a while and he told me we could get that. The thing is that since we're getting a house built, we can't make any major purchases right now. The lender told us not to make any sort of major changes now that the credit report had already been run. Boo, hiss....... Our house won't be ready until December. Yikes. So, Rodrigo called back and told them to go ahead and do it. Then I conviced him that I was fine without it for a while. Can you believe it? I said that. Spoiled me that is always complaining about the heat. The thing is that I've hardly been using my car at all. I mean, people around here walk everywhere. Also, whatever errands I have to run, I usually do right after I take Brianna to school. I avoid the heat altogether. Plus, it's been raining around here so for the past several days, we've had highs of about 87 degrees. Not bad. So don't feel too sorry for me. At least not about the car. Feel bad for me about my eyebrows (the rash is really better now). :P

feeling: I love coffee
listening to: Staind (Right Here Waiting)


foodiechickie said...

Glad the eyebrows are clearing up. Good luck with no AC in the car. Our old car didn't have any AC. 10 years with no AC.

Jodi said...

My car a/c is out too, but I've been thinking about trading in my car, so I don't want to spend the money to get it fixed. Eek.