Thursday, August 17, 2006

another project runway post

Next season I'm not going to watch Project Runway from the beginning. Seven days is wayyyyyyy too long to wait to watch a new episode. This Tuesday I was stoked about watching it until I realized it was barely Tuesday. Seriously.
Oh, and waiting for the episode where Keith was kicked off was driving me crazy. Plus, my mom was here and I think she loves the show more than me, so that made it worse. She kept asking, "Who do you think is getting kicked out"? Next season, I won't start watching the show until the season is almost over. Then I'll watch the marathon. That way I don't have to wait.
So, about last night's show. . . . Aww, poor Allison. I liked her. I can't believe that Vince guy is still there. Angela too. They should throw her out for sucking in the beginning. Also, I think Jeffrey was robbed. He deserved the win last night. I liked Michael's design, I just think Jeffrey's was much more impressive.
While I'm on the subject, why does a lot of the new fall clothes I'm seeing look like something Jeffrey would've designed? quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack quack

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Michelle said...

"I'm bringing dorky back" - that's too funny!

I love the show too and it's actually something Hubby and I look forward too. We freaked out yesterday when our dish box was turning off on its own. Still don't know what happened there, but they keep replaying the episode so we were able to catch up on what we missed. I don't think I'll be able to wait a whole season without watching the shows...checking out Blogging Project Runway and Tim's Take on Bravo, it's enough to get me through the week.

and for the record, after seeing the pictures of yesterday's challenge online, I don't know how Angela managed to survive. And I loved Laura and Uli's dresses.

joydivision said...

I like her too bad !

Jesser said...

I am way bummed about Alison. I think they should have kept her because she had more potential than that other guy. I didn't think Michael's was the best either ... I liked the red-headed lady's design and the blue and yellow one. They were both better.