Monday, August 21, 2006

free time

I posted last week about maybe joining a gym. I joined. That was really at the top of my list of "If I had more time, I'd . . . . " So now I'm not working and I have that time that I'd wanted for so long. I'll go through a few things I know I wanted to do and let you know how it's going. . . . .

I wanted . . . .

- more time with the kids. I'm definately getting that. Oh My God do I have more time with the kids. I have to say that it has been a change for them to see me all day. Brianna sees me before school, right after school, all weekend long so they are acting quite spoiled around me. I'm not too worried, though because they'll get used to having me around ALL THE TIME.

- to start some sort of exercise plan. So far, so good. Now I just have to keep this up.

- to have a super clean house. I must say that I'm doing quite better than I imagined. My house looks good enough for anyone to drop by at any given time and I won't have to hide anything. :) It makes such a huge difference to be at home. Ah, I love a clean and tidy house.

- to get more organized. This involved several things. I'm starting off with pictures both in print and online. I've been organizing scrapbooks and online albums. This is taking longer than I thought, but you know how time consuming it is.

- to make nice things again. I used to like making things for friends and family. I was up on everyone's birthday and holiday decorating was heaven for me. I haven't done much on this one. The only thing I've made is a puppet with Brianna. Oh, also I've updated a birthday book, so that'll come in handy. I'll wait until Halloween to see about the holiday thing.

-to improve my memory. You know, just not running around as much has really helped. I dumped out a lot of things in my brain that were taking too much space. Bank codes, combinations and passwords were taking up too much memory. Also the fact that I'm jotting everything down in my organizer. Palabra jot, palabra jot.

Those are the main things on a very long list. Some others are really long-term things that take more planning as well as some very trite things like growing nice nails. *sigh* Ah, the weather is nice, I like this music and it's going to be a great week.

feeling: good
listening to: The Shins (New Slang)


Giao said...

Yay to another great week. My lists grow and grow until they become an archive...of wishes rather than truisms. I know you'll have great luck accomplishing your goals, Yvett!

Nanette said...

Sounds like you're doing great! I always had the most success with getting in shape when I wasn't working.

Jesser said...

Ahhh... you're making me nostalgic for when I worked from home just part time. The house (ok, apartment) was in so much better shape. Our house was spotless when we got back from Yellowstone on Sat morning and by this morning, it was a *WRECK* again. So frustrating. *sigh* We cooked practically every night. All my scrapbooks were finished. I went to the gym daily. Ah well ... the $$ is nice, I suppose.