Tuesday, August 29, 2006

fall season

Celebrity Duets premieres tonight and I want to be watching. Why? I like this sort of cheese puff programming. Come on, you know everyone is going to be talking about this. I might as well catch it from the beginning. So, Miss Bailey posted not too long ago about her fall season t.v. picks. Here are mine. . . .

- 30 Rock
- Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip
- Twenty Good Years
- Dancing With the Stars
- Brothers and Sisters
- Survivor
- The Class

That is my list for various reasons and in no particular order. Realistically, I doubt I'll watch all these. These are merely the ones that I am interested in. Any shows you're looking forward to?

feeling: tired and sore
listening to: some awful Nick Jr. song


foodiechickie said...

Ooooh good idea! I might have to steal your idea as part of my end of summer post. Yes I is cheesy!

I will be watching that show tonight because I like wrestler Chris Jericho(meeeow!).

I will watch my regulars: Gilmore Girls, Scrubs, Drawn Together and I think the new NBC show Heroes. I forget the rest but hope I remember for the post. Thanks again!

Jesser said...

Oh yay! Another reason to love fall besides new notebooks, fall apple/pumpkinny foods, cool weather and sweaters. I'm so looking forward to my old faves coming back: Gilmore Girls, Veronica Mars and Grey's Anatomy! Yay! I haven't checked out many of the new shows, but a couple on your list intrigued me. That Brothers and Sisters one sure has the all-star cast ... wonder if it'll live up to them.