Friday, August 04, 2006


I told you that my mom and grandma were here (I'll probably post more about that later). They arrived on Sunday and were supposed to leave Wednesday evening. Then this happened back in El Paso. My dad called them and asked them to please stay until he told them it was ok to drive back. He works at a hospital and was stuck there all day Tuesday. He kept calling us from there giving us updates on the situation. I spoke to my old co-workers who were right at the middle of all the commotion (for those of you in El Paso, I used to work on Mesa and Shadow Mountain). My mom and grandmother were able to leave early today. They were caught in a few storms in New Mexico but made it home safely. My parents' house is unharmed but there was a little flooding in my grandma's house. Nothing major. Still, we are all so surprised that something like that even happened there. Nothing like that ever happens in El Paso. We are all just so happy when it even rains. Anyway, I hope the worst is over and to all my El Paso family and friends, be safe.

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foodiechickie said...

Glad the storms didn't cause much damage and your family and buddies are alright!