Friday, August 11, 2006

no liquids

Wow. I'm glad that they were able to stop whatever terror plot was going to take place. I'm just surprised at the amount of changes that it is causing for travelers. No liquids or gels and on flights from Britain, no books, music or carry-on of any sort. Yikes. Of course if I had a flight, I'd abide by the rules, but I was thinking of all the kinds of liquids I'd be asked to throw out. I carry perfume, lotion and lip gloss in my purse. That would've been tossed out.
What I was thinking about yesterday is that I wonder if these rules also apply to the flight crew. As a flight attendant, I never checked any bags. None of the crew ever did. It wouldn't have made sense since we had to go from plane to plane. We'd get to take one carry-on suitcase and a bag. We'd fit them in the very last bins. I wonder if those things now have to be checked or if they're just making an exception. I guess we just have to do whatever it takes to make flights safer.

On a totally different note, there's a Bloggy Parade of Homes going on. Ani emailed me about it. She's doing it along with lots of other people. Very cool. I would've joined in on the fun if we weren't in the temporary house. Everything here is very clean and lovely but it wasnt't my design. Plus every room is very plain since I don't plan to unpack a lot of things or make holes on the walls. Maybe I'll do the kitchen and/or master bath weeks since I LOVE those rooms. Anyway, have a good weekend.

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foodiechickie said...

It is very scary what is going on. So glad they stopped it. Guess a lot more items are going into baggage. Sneaky bastards.

Yes show what you can of your new house. Whenever you can.