Tuesday, September 05, 2006

seattle, texas

We got back from Texas yesterday. It rained while we were there. Then it rained some more, then it rained some more. I'd never seen it rain so much in El Paso. It was so odd and so flooded everywhere. Not at all like the desert I was born and raised in. We went to the house we're selling there to find out that the rain had uprooted one of our trees and apparently lightning spilt another one in half. Since our house is a downhill slope, there was a lot of dried mud and muck gathered in our driveway and yard. It was quite a mess.
We visited our familes, of course and went to Juarez, MX for breakfast on Sunday morning. I'd been having such a craving for real Mexican breakfast for a long time now. We went to a restaurant named Frida's and I was not disappointed at all. Everything was delicious.
The rest of the weekend we just spent with family talking, relaxing, laughing and of course eating.

So now that I'm back:
- I read last night about the Crocodile Hunter's death. I was soooooo surprised. I mean, we all knew something like that could happen, we just don't really expect it to. I am happy that his last moments were spent doing what he loved but I feel really badly for his kids. I think that someone that is that sort of daredevil should either not have children or stop wrestling with crocs, snakes and sharks once you do become a parent. That's just me. And spare me the whole "more people die in car accidents, are you going to stop driving now that you're a mom?". You know what I mean. I just don't think it's fair for the children to now be without a father because he loved to take those sorts of risks.
- I was quite happy to actually get to see blue sky once we arrived in Arizona.
- We have officially become Tusconians (or whatever they're called: Tusconites? Tusconers?) Yesterday we all felt "Ah, we're home" when we got here.
- Week ahead: finish Brianna's animal box project, attend her first cheerleading meeting, fundraiser night on Wednesday, attend a "caring community" meeting, family reading night, and PTA meeting. Ah, the fun never stops. Have a great week. Oh wait, it's already Tuesday. Great, add to the list: be confused on days for the rest of the week.

feeling: cool (temperature wise)
listening to: Muse (Knights of Cydonia)


Jesser said...

Glad you had a nice weekend!! Sorry it was so rainy. That does sound weird for El Paso. It was strange here because we had rain in Denver and bright and sunny in the mountains. Whassup with that?

I was so bummed about the croc hunter and for his kids and wife. I honestly never thought the job would be the end of him ... I figured he'd live 'til like 85 and die of something typical like prostate cancer or something. Crappy crappy crappy.

Ani said...

Glad you had a nice weekend. It's funny cause it slightly drizzles in Seattle. The amount of rain is a myth. It rains total wise much more in NYC. What does an authentic Mexican breakfast include?