Wednesday, September 06, 2006


- I thought this video was really cool. Rodrigo and I want to try this. I think it'll be interesting to try this on kids since they change a whole lot more.

- Suri Cruise is amazingly beautiful! Wow! She looks like those "if they mated" morph of the both of them. I think she looks like both already. Aww...

- I watched The View yesterday. I loved how Rosie O'Donnel hardly let anyone else talk! I don't like watching because Elisabeth always ends up getting me mad, but this looks promising.

- Wow, lots of good movies this fall.

- I'm glad that oversized purses are in style this fall. My mom just gave me a huge really nice purse and I love it.

I have to run now. Lots to do. Have a great day!

feeling: these nails are getting in the way of typing
listening to: morning talk radio

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